El Paso is a top performing market and the future looks bright in this Region. Being mindful of our economy’s current state, investors have great opportunities in the multifamily market in El Paso. We currently have investors from Texas, California, Florida, and as far away as Austrailia.

Our company is currently developing and constructing market-rate properties. This is the time to invest and build in El Paso. With the multifamily housing shortage, there are plenty of opportunities and we are moving forward with projects. The increase in population with no sign of slowing over the next few years means El Paso’s apartment market is a well kept secret even in today’s national economy.

IBI has 8,000 multi-family and senior units developed for either its own portfolio or for other third party investors. IBI’s qualified development team has capacity to manage all aspects of the development process from the initial site selection to final completion of the construction.